• Country Club Prep – Rhoback Trunk Show


    Date: Sat, May 20 - Sun, May 21
    Time: All Day

rhobackRhoback is a stylish, high-end brand of activewear for men founded by graduates from The UVA Darden School of Business. Named after the Rhodesian Ridgeback, an athletic and energetic dog, the company’s target audience is men who “crave activity” but aren’t necessarily looking to wear intense activewear brands that currently dominate the market. Rhoback has a fresh take on traditional activewear with styles in fun colors like Nantucket Red and Fairway Green. Every Rhoback product sports a colorful “ridge” on its back to tie the brand back to its mascot and inspiration, the Rhodesian Ridgeback, a dog known for the unique ridge of hair along its back. Prior to starting Rhoback, the founders were known for their popular Instagram account, @BrotherhoodOfTheTravelingPants (now @Rhoback), and their marketing partnerships with well-known brands such as the preppy clothing company, Vineyard Vines.